October Reflections

Where in the world did this month go?

October was packed to the brim with busy weekends and lots of changes in my life!

The month began with preparing for our wedding on the 10th – everything about that day is a blur, but its a beautiful blur. I’m in the process of sorting through the couple thousand pictures our photographer shot to choose the 60-70 she will edit for us. That weekend we also took a day trip out to Jackson which was fun to explore with friends and family who’ve never been there before.

Weekends were filled with football and enjoying our time as a married couple where we actually got to see eachother. Life this month has been busy, so having time on weekends to spend with just the two of us and our sweet dog was much needed!

October saw me start a new job, transition that job to a volunteer role and then accept a full-time position after being in town since March and applying for positions since September 2014. I am so excited to step into an administrative role with a new department on campus and have new coworkers and challenges to meet.

While I am thankful for my time in my previous position on campus, it just was not the right fit for me and I had daily frustrations that never seemed to resolve, but rather to expand. I am trying to finish well though and keep communication open with the friends I made in that role.

The other part-time job seemed like a great opportunity at the time, but has now become the organization I am going to volunteer with. They help domestic abuse and sexual assault victims in southeast Idaho and is a cause I am passionate about bringing awareness to and being the hands and feet on the ground working with face-to-face advocacy. It’s a population I hope to continue working with for as long as the problems of domestic violence and sexual assault remain a reality in this country. However, I would love for the day to come where this  is no longer an issue. But in the meantime, I will stand with the woman or man or child who has walked through this.

I’m looking forward to November – volunteer training for the organization mentioned above, starting my new role, Rachel coming to visit for the weekend, Friendsgiving and celebrating the month of November – a month where I try to be more intentional and vocal about everything I am thankful for. This year that will mean finishing all of our thank you notes from the wedding!


3 thoughts on “October Reflections

  1. Congrats on the new position!! It sounds like one that is desperately needed and that you (hopefully) will find fulfilling!! Can’t wait to see more wedding pictures. I’ve been swooning over the ones you posted on IG already. 😉

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    1. Thank you Sara! I’m hopeful it’s s good fit & will allow a more stable life.

      I’m excited to get more back from our photographer; the day couldn’t have been lovelier, so to see it captured well makes my heart squeal!


  2. Ahhh we got married on the same day!! Michael and I have been soo impatient waiting for our pictures from the photographer! It says they take about four weeks, which is Saturday…so I’m hoping we get ours soon!

    What a wonderful volunteer opportunity. I think once we move I’d like to find somewhere to volunteer.


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