My New Position

Today was the first day at my new job.

I really think I’m going to love it. Everyone I’ve met is lovely and so eager to help acquaint me to the department and position.

My time is split between the undergraduate and graduate programs, with my emphasis heavy on the graduate side of the department. The graduate director is located in a different state, so I am the man on the ground for the graduate program and will be representing the department at meetings across campus, which I love. The program is also in the process of finalizing plans for the PhD program to begin in Fall 2017 which is exciting to see growth and momentum already in the works.

Part of my job will be updating our webpage and digital media presence, along with some carry over of different marketing efforts. Other parts of my job will include curating all of the course evaluations and reporting that information, curriculum management, assisting students who are applying to the program, proposing and defending their theses, among other tasks.

This job feels like it will be a good fit. Responsibilities feel similar in scope to my time as a project coordinator, I love that the work day is a set 8-5 and that I can leave my work at work – there is no overlap to home life, which I think will greatly reduce my stress and allow me to be more present and focused when I am at home with my family and to just RELAX and enjoy life.

In this role, I also am back to having full benefits, working full time and have the ability to go back to school and pursue a masters degree if I choose to do so.

Beginning the month in a new position is leaving me feeling refreshed and reflective as we begin this month of thanksgiving and I think it is the perfect way to start the craziness that can become this time of year.


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