It is snowing outside as I type this. There is something so magical about it as it swirls and twirls gracefully to the ground. It’s not sticking to the ground, but it is dusting rooftops and grass and it’s just beautiful. It’s almost like it is wiping the earth clean in a way.

I love the first snow of the season. I actually love snow all the way through February – but by the time February ends, I am over it. The only thing I don’t like about the snow is driving in it – it always stresses me out, because while I trust myself to get where I’m going safely, I don’t always trust the other drivers on the road. Oh, and I had a traumatic accident when I hit black ice in college, so there’s that. Maybe I’ll blog about it sometime…

For now, I am going to enjoy curling up by the fire with my husband and our silly dog, make a mug of rich hot cocoa and enjoy a show or too before crawling into bed and dreaming of snow days as a kid. They were always the very best!

New month, new job, new snow? I am loving November so far!


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