Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!

This weekend promises to be a fun one – one of best friends is coming to town for the weekend with her sweet puppy, Max, to celebrate a month-late belated birthday. The Montana Grizzlies are in town for the weekend and we’re going to cheer on our alma mater. One of our sorority sisters and her boyfriend are also coming over for the game and it should be a good day!

So, what are my favorites this week?

  1. Having Rachel come visit of course! I love spending time with my friends and having her here for the weekend will be wonderful. We lived in the same house for 3.5 years in college, so to see each other  two months in a row is great for us in this post-grad reality!
  2. Chris Stapleton & Justin Timberlake’s performance from the CMA Awards. It is SO good, their voices sound fantastic together & the band is incredible! Plus they both look like they’re having so much fun during this performance. 
  3. My new job. I love it. I love my coworkers, I love that I feel like I am accomplishing something every day and I love helping people.
  4. Fires. We started our gas fireplace up this week with the cooler weather and what seems like daily snow flurries. There is something SO cozy about turning the fire on and enjoying it’s warmth while we watch a show or two on the couch at the end of the day.
  5. Cooking. This week I’ve been cooking a lot and I’d forgotten how much I love it. Normally, William cooks and I bake, but I’ve enjoyed making our suppers this week. I’ve made an Autumn Squash Soup that I’ve been eating for lunch this week and it is so rich and flavorful! I made my Grammy’s stuffed cabbage, which tastes like home; my mom & I were the only ones to eat it when I lived in Colorado, but it just tastes like love to me – generations of women making it probably has something to do with it. I also made a really tasty and easy eggplant parmesan this week that will become a regular on rotation. It’s been fun to get in the kitchen and play with seasonal produce and flavors and make something my husband loves.

Those are my favorites this week; what are yours?


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