Today was so much fun! 

After getting up & getting ready we grabbed chestnut praline lattes from Starbucks on our way to the dog park to let our babies run off some energy first thing in the morning.
After the dog park, we ran by Costco to grab some prosecco & orange juice to make mimosas. When we got back, one of our sorority sisters and her boyfriend were already there and the five of us did some game day day drinking before heading to the Montana game. It was a pretty evenly matched game, but unfortunately both UM & ISU just aren’t very good this season. With about 10 minutes left in the game, we left and headed home to make sure we got back in time for kickoff of the Alabama v LSU game. It was nice to watch an Alabama v LSU game where Alabama looked dominant. Made it a little easier to breathe than last year! Apparently the Montana game went into overtime and the Griz pulled out a victory! 

I loved spending the day with friends watching football. It feels so autumnal to do just that and I really enjoyed it!

How did you spend your Saturday? Which football teams do you cheer for? 


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