Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I am linking up again this week with my favorite things from this past week.

  1. Tofu. William bought tofu at Costco and we’ve been experimenting with different ways of cooking it, and I am loving it. I’ve really enjoyed tofu for several years, but making it at home has been new and I am really enjoying it!
  2. I busted out my Michael Buble Christmas CD in the car and it has been perfect music for the mornings this week where snow has been falling as I’m driving into work. It has me feeling very excited for the winter weather and cozy season ahead!

  1. Organizing. I have been organizing physical and electronic files for my new role this week so that the system makes sense to me. I have also been getting my office organized and personalized, so that it feels like me. Everyone has been complimenting how I’ve set things up and the scent of my Bath & Body Works wall flower, so I am feeling good about where I spend the majority of my week.

  1. My new earrings from Rachel! She gave me gold monogrammed earrings with my married monogram as a late bridal shower gift when she was here this past weekend and I have worn theme every day since.
  2. Phone Calls. This week I have spent time on the phone with both of my grandmothers, my sister, my brother and my parents. That is HUGE. It’s so rare that I talk to each of these individuals in the same week unless its a holiday, so I enjoyed my time catching up with each of them!

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