Friday Favorites


This Friday is here in perfect timing – I need a few days off to relax. This week has been crazy! It has also had disappointing news shared, which is tough to try and explain to people, but unfortunately it’s out of my hands.

  1. Adele’s new album came out today! William played it this morning while I was fixing my lunch and he was making the coffee – it was perfect! The music is beautiful, as expected, but also the dark outside with ice on the windows and the fire going in the fireplace. It was just a lovely way to start my early Friday morning.
  2. My job. I finally feel like I’m hitting a groove in my role and with my expectations and I am loving feeling like I am doing a good job with this role.
  3. Two day work weeks. Next week I only have to work Monday and Tuesday. I am so thankful for a long weekend to relax and get things done around the house. I am also excited to have time to just read while cuddled with my man & our dog.
  4. My last name is officially Northington according to Social Security! Now I just need to get it changed everywhere else.
  5. Life In Pieces. This is probably my favorite new show this year. It is so funny & William & I love it.

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