Brawl of the Wild

There are many thoughts I have today about my alma mater. Some positive, some negative.

Today is one of my two favorite football games of the year, albeit it is my second – the Iron Bowl has been my favorite since 3rd grade. I love when it’s time for the Griz and the Bobcats to meet and challenge each other because it is always a good, close fought game, even if one team is having a significantly better season. I love seeing my friends and their families take to social media in their Griz gear and show their pride in our school.

In a time when I am really struggling with decisions that the University of Montana is making and the direction that it’s being led, it’s nice to put those thoughts in the back of mind and come together with fellow alumni and cheer our alma mater to victory. I love the power of social media to connect us all from across the county and across the world. I love that we are also all connecting on social media not just in the joys of victory, but also to each share on frustration and disappointment and be able to connect about how we feel.

I grew up so much during my time at the University of Montana and am so thankful for every part of my education – both in and out of the classroom. To see the very programs and professors who changed my life being gutted when they were the foundation of why I chose the University in the first place is devastating. Knowing I’m not alone in how I feel is reassuring.

Today, I am choosing to celebrate the Griz victory and put the other issues to back of mind to revisit another time. I am choosing today to be a proud fan and alumna. I am choosing today to sing Up With Montana and remember fondly my time in Missoula.

Tomorrow?Tomorrow is another day.


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