A Case of the Mondays

Today has definitely been a Monday.

I slept in by close to two hours and just couldn’t ever get over the tired feeling today.

While I feel like today has been productive, I definitely didn’t knock off everything I had hoped to.

It’s been a day with both morning and afternoon coffee keeping me going.

A day where I have been counting the hours until I could go home to my family.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t get through my weekend to-do list?

Or that its the week of Thanksgiving and dreadfully quiet in the office?

Or that I know William and Mavis are home cozy by the tree we put up yesterday?

Whatever it is, I am glad the day is almost over because I’ve had a serious case of the Mondays.

I am thankful to have a cozy home to return to.

I’m thankful for William and Mavis.

I am thankful for coffee and productivity.

I am thankful tomorrow marks the end of the work week before Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for a five day weekend to celebrate my favorite holiday twice.

I am turning my case of the Mondays into reminding myself of everything I am thankful for and why I’m so excited to celebrate later this week.


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