It’s Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

Today we slept in which was MUCH needed!

Once we were finally up, we took Mavis to day care so we could go grocery shopping & decorate for Christmas.

We strung out lights outside, put up our tree, decorate our tree & hung decorations on the walls & fireplace.

It is so much fun decorating for Christmas and making home feel just that little bit cozier. It’s also fun starting new holiday traditions with my husband.


 We’ve decided that every year when we put up our tree & lights, we’ll order pizza, watch Elf & drink cocoa. Easy but fun!I’m so thankful to get to celebrate this time of year with William & start making memories of holiday joy together.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?


3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

  1. We haven’t decorated yet. When I was a kid, it would be part of my birthday celebration (December 6), so I try to adhere to that timeline… buttttttt I might try and decorate for my mom this week if it will make her happy.

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