Mountain Magic

  I have lived in or near the mountains consistently since the summer of 2004 between Colorado, Montana and Idaho. I pray I never tire of their beauty and majesty over the surrounding landscape.

Last night as I was leaving work and walking to my car the sky was gorgeous – full of oranges, pinks and purples that make you stop and watch the sunset knowing it won’t last more than a couple of minutes. As I was walking I saw the grounds crew finish stringing the lights on the giant Christmas tree they had put up earlier that day – it was a magical moment where the air was crisp and chilly and filled with that spirit of gratitude and wonder that is so prevalent this time of year.

Then, this morning, as I was driving to the DMV to get my new license the sunrise was full of pinks, yellows and oranges and again brought me to a place of awe and wonder in watching the sky change.

While I have always enjoyed the sunsets and sunrises I have been able to experience by the beach, their is something truly magical about them in the mountains – especially when the air is cool and crisp with frost on the ground. It makes you stop, watch and think about how blessed you are to live in such beauty every day.


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