Friday Favorites


This week has been super busy, but super productive as always seems to be the case after time off.

  1. Did you catch the It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown special on ABC? I didn’t catch it live, but watched it the next day while working and its adorable. Log on to ABC and watch it yourself.
  2. Downton Abbey Christmas tea – the flavor is rich and full of mulling spices, perfect for this month!
  3. Being organized. It feels SO good to be caught up on my to-do list for work, have all of the outstanding files sorted and stored, my content plan in place for the month of December on the blog and my to-do list ready to tackle this weekend.
  4. We found Milo’s sweet tea at Walmart last weekend and I’ve been enjoying a glass or two every day this week – SO excited by this discovery!
  5. My Soap & Glory body butter – it is rich and hydrating, especially combined with their shower gel, and has kept my skin feeling soft despite the frigid weather we’ve been experiencing.

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