This week felt really long because I caught a cold. It made days drag on and made me feel like I was in a fog all week. Happily, I seem to be doing much better today!

Last night, William took me on a date to get sushi – our first time trying sushi in this town. It was really fun to try somewhere new and indulge our love of sushi. Plus, it was actually good! Sushi can be hit or miss this far from the ocean, but we found a place that’ll satisfy our sushi cravings until we’re next near the sea again.

I am so grateful I was able to sleep in this morning and have a lazy day to relax and recover. Doing that while watching football all day? Even better.

William played chef extraordinaire today, making us both lunch and supper. For lunch he made cornbread, chorizo, corn & rice casserole and cranberry sauce. Supper was pork chops, leftover corn & rice casserole from lunch & potato cakes made from leftover mashed potatoes – a trick he learned from an ex-girlfriend that was a tasty treat. I cleaned the kitchen and we made a good team.

I am so grateful to have a partner where we feel like a team. A relationship where we’re both strong and we both lead in our own ways. It’s nice to feel like true partners who are pursuing each other equally, unlike how I’ve felt in prior relationships. It’s always the littlest of things that show me how lucky I am to have reconnected with William and how awed I am to be his wife. I’m thankful for the littlest reminders of how good life is.

Days like today that seem so insignificant in the larger timeline of life, but are full of such gentle reminders of how wonderful life and marriage are.


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