2017 Goals

Read through the Bible. While I read the Bible often, I have never read through it cover to cover and I know there are several books that I’ve never spent any time in. So, this year I found a PDF plan from She Reads Truth from 2015 that will walk me through it day by day.

Lose 60 pounds. Honestly, I’d like to lose more, but 60 pounds averages to 5 pounds a month, which seems doable. I am the Maid of Honor in my sister’s wedding on September 2, and the rest of her bridesmaids are teeny-tiny. I want to look back at her pictures and feel good about myself.

Read/Complete 36 books. This averages to be about a book every two weeks, which I feel is doable. I need to be better about reading more instead of spending time before bed scrolling through my phone.

Make all family recipes from my shower. For my luncheon/bridal shower that my sweet sister and mama hosted the day before our wedding, they asked every invitee to send in two recipes. We’ve made some of these recipes, but not every one. When we make a recipe, I want to write a quick note to the person who gave it to us as a way of sending more handwritten letters this year.

Complete couch to 5k and couch to 10k. I think these goals will help with the weight loss goal, and I know my sister wants a very active bachelorette party, so these challenges will help me keep us with the other girls better.

Make Gluten-free French bread. My mama’s best friend Anne also has issues digesting gluten and for our wedding, gave us a GF cookbook full of different breads to try. She also gave us a tortilla press which has been fun to play with & the tortilla recipe is fantastic! She also gave us the necessary bread pan to make french bread, so I’m excited to try and master that this year.

Watch 12 documentaries. I really enjoy documentary style films, but don’t feel like I watch enough, so I want to try and watch one a month for the year.

Learn calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Have a successful move! We’re moving to western New York this summer and I want to the process to be as smooth as possible.

Secure a new job. I hope I’m able to find a job I enjoy when we move and that its something that helps further my career.

Go back to school. I am going to return to school in the fall to become a school counselor! Once I get my school license, I am going to continue on to get my LPC licesnure too, so that I have a wider network of care to practice in. But the school setting is where I really want to be – ideally in a middle school.