Friday Favorites


This week both flew by & dragged on simultaneously, as the first week after a vacation is notorious for.

  1. We had friends over for supper two nights this week. Not only was it nice fellowship, but we learned that Mavis is an angel with kids ranging from a year & a half through first grade. With the older kids she played fetch, gave lots of kisses & let them chase her around the house. With the little ones she tired to give kisses & played fetch when they threw the ball, but when the littles were no longer interested in playing, she went & laid in her bed. It was so sweet & made me so thankful that she is such a good girl!
  2. We made ham for the family we had over Wednesday night & I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy ham. With the leftovers, I’m going to make soup this weekend!
  3. I had lunch with a former co-worker this week who I’m going to be assisting in updating her LinkedIn profile and Twitter presence, while also helping fulfill the social media requirements of a grant she received. I’m looking forward to the opportunity!
  4. We finally hung the canvases we bought in our room & I love them!

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