I saw Kylie do this post and thought it would be a fun way to share more about me on a Tuesday when I feel exhausted by the sheer craziness of the day.

Four names that people call me other than my real name:





Four jobs I’ve had:

Dairy Queen Server

Call Center Representative

Program Coordinator at a large nonprofit

Administrative Assistant

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

Mary Poppins

Beauty & The Beast

The Holiday

Harry Potter series

Four books I’d recommend:

 Still Alice


Bread & Wine

Franklin and Winston

Four places I’ve lived:

North Dakota

Washington D.C.



Four places I’ve visited:

New York City

Bari, Italy

Seattle, WA

Jackson, WY

Four places I’d rather be right now:

On my couch with my husband & puppy

On the beach

Grand Tetons National Park

Pittsburgh, PA with my grandmothers

Four things I prefer not to eat:

Raw squid

Lima beans

Cooked carrots


Four Favorite foods:

Roasted veggies (brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc.)


Medium-rare steak

Pad Thai

Four TV shows I watch:

Life in Pieces


Big Bang Theory

Fixer Upper

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

A week at the beach

Celebrating a year of marriage, home ownership & puppy parenting!

Celebrating a year in my current job.

Applying to a local graduate program to finish my degree. 

Four things I’m always saying:

Mavis, down. Not everyone wants a hug!

That was really good – we need to make that again! (My husband is an awesome cook!)

I love & miss you! (Every time I talk to a family member who lives far away, which is close to every day rotating through)

I love you. (I like to tell William I love him often, even if he gets tired of hearing it!)





2 thoughts on “4×4

    1. She tries to hug everyone she sees 😂
      Mary Poppins has been my favorite since I was a toddler – I even wanted to name my sister Rum Punch when she was born!


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