Mavis Jane

So, yesterday sucked. My poor sweet Mavis Jane split her tail open at school. The last 2 vertebrae in her tail completely separated from the skin and her tail has to be amputated today. It makes me sick for her. I hate that she was in tremendous pain last night & today, but I hate even more that her beautiful, strong tail will be a nub come this afternoon. I want to take away her pain. Last night, she hated her cone & tried so hard to comfort suck on her tail. Today that security blanket will be gone. I am so so so sad for her.

I ask that you please pray for her doctor & the sweet staff at our veterinary office. Pray that the surgery goes well & that Mavis has a healthy recovery. Pray for William & I as we walk through this with our puppy & her recovery time, as we’ll have to find ways to work from home predominantly over the next two or more weeks. Please just think of our little family tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Mavis Jane

    1. Thank you Sara! We appreciate it. I hope the surgery goes perfectly and she heals quickly, so she’ll bounce back to her crazy, happy self.


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