Let’s Talk: New Years

I love dreaming big dreams for the new year and by the end of January, I generally have a pretty good idea what the year may hold, but this year still remains largely a mystery.

I know in February we’ll celebrate my birthday – 27! We’re also celebrating one year since William proposed; while there aren’t any tapas restaurants in Pocatello, we can still open a bottle of mencia & reminisce on that trip to New York City.

In May we’re headed to Alabama to see William’s brother marry his sweetheart of five years. I’m sure the ceremony will be sweet & sentimental, full of love & tradition. 

July will bring a trip to the beach with William’s family.

Other than those two trips, the year is unknown. I know my family will try to come to Idaho and we’ll try to visit them in Colorado. I know we hope to go white water rafting at some point this summer & try to go skiing sometime this winter.

In October we’ll celebrate one year of marriage, followed shortly by a busy holiday season.

I love that there is so much unknown about 2016. So many sweet surprises to come & adventures to be had.

What does your 2016 hold?


One thought on “Let’s Talk: New Years

  1. That sounds like an exciting framework to a first year of marriage. I love the idea of celebrating birthday + proposal the best way you can… even if you can’t be in NYC. 😉


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