Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! I can’t believe the first month of 2016 is closing this weekend and that come Monday morning it will be February!

  1. My first favorite of the week is working with such sweet, caring people who have graciously allowed me to work from home this Tuesday and Thursday and next Tuesday and Thursday to care for Mavis Jane as she recovers from her tail amputation.
  2. Coffee. Tea. Diet Coke. All the caffeine. I have not had a good night of sleep since last Wednesday due to poor Mavis and her tail. Caffeine is keeping me functional if not totally with it – last night I sobbed because I was terrible at naming state and country capitals. It was embarrassing.
  3. Water. I have also been drinking water like its going out of style this week. I have been so thirsty – maybe because of the lack of sleep and extra caffeine?
  4. We filed our taxes today and I am happy to have that taken care of for the year.
  5. My new haircut! I got my haircut last week and I’m working on growing my pixie into a short bob. Just having the back trimmed so it no longer looks like a baby mullet is DEFINITELY a favorite!

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