Hello February


Happy February!

I have so much I love about February and this year we get an extra day of the month – thanks Leap Year!

February is the month that my mama & I celebrate our birthdays. Every year in her birthday card I sign it “from your best birthday present ever,” since I came a week after her birthday. Humble, I know.

February is also when William and I got engaged, so that will be a fun day to remember in the years to come.

I also feel like February is when I get in my groove for the year again. January is always so hard. There is of course the post-holidays lull in motivation to do more than continue the festivities of the two weeks of celebration and time off. But it is also so dark still without the twinkling of Christmas lights and in my experience, January is always very cold, to make you not want to spend much time outside.

However, by the end of January the days are staying brighter longer – a trend that continues through February and I finally have returned to normal flow between work and home and not wanting to just stay home and hibernate. February is that start of that rejuvenation and motivation that January can sometimes lack for me.

This upcoming weekend will be packed full – a trivia night fundraiser, a concert and watching the Super Bowl with friends. Next week is the one year anniversary of getting engaged, Valentine’s Day and my Mama’s birthday, the week after that is my birthday and then a week after is March. February always flies by! February is also the month that several of my college girlfriends celebrate their birthdays and two of my cousins. It’s just a very joy-filled month in my mind.

This month is also when we begin the Lenten season and begin celebrating the gift of God sending his son to die for our sins. Of preparing ourselves for the yearly remembrance of reconciliation of God’s grace and mercy in Jesus dying upon the cross.

This Lent, I plan to give up meat and to spend more time in scripture. One of my goals this year is to read through the Bible in its entirety and  I did not make very substantial progress in January, so during the Lenten season I really want to focus on reading my Bible.

What do you love most about February? Do you make Lenten promises?


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