What’s Up Wednesday



What We’re Eating This Week // Monday we had orange chicken, Tuesday we had chicken pad Thai, tonight we’re having leftovers, Thursday we’re having bruschetta chicken, Friday we’re doing “make your own pizzas,” and Saturday we’re having chicken enchiladas.

What I’m Reminiscing About // This week I reminisced about birthdays past and both my parents made sure to tell me that “27 years ago it was 60 below zero in Minot,” so that made me laugh and even more thankful for the 40 degree temperatures that feel so warm!

What I’m Loving // The spring-like weather we are having and how nice it is to spend time outside again!

What We’ve Been Up To // We went skiing on Sunday and celebrated my birthday yesterday. February has been a big month of baths for me too.

What I’m Working On // I want to get the house feeling clean and bright for Spring.

What I’m Excited About // Summer being just around the corner and that means seeing family again for different celebrations and vacations!

What I’m Watching/Reading // I’m currently reading Girl on the Train and following it up with The Nightingale. My favorite shows lately are Fixer Upper and Life in Pieces.

What I’m Listening To // At work I’m listening to a lot of classical music, in the car I listen to a lot of Rend Collective and at home I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele.

What I’m Wearing // Currently I’m wearing black boots, black tights, a black & white striped dress and a denim jacket.

What I’m Doing This Weekend // We’re going to the Montana v. ISU basketball game Thursday and the game against Montana State Saturday. I think we may go on a long walk or two this weekend and might go see Deadpool.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month // Easter is always a joy to celebrate and I’m hoping the weather continue to be spring-like so we can spend more time outside.

What Else Is New // Winter decorations are coming down around the house and spring is coming out. I’m also planning to do a deep cleaning this weekend to really feel like spring!


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