A – Age: 27
B – Best Day Ever: Marrying William in October with our friends and family as witnesses. It was such a nice weekend to have our families together and to celebrate with friends that traveled across the country to share our joy. I love being surrounded by loved ones and that was just an extra sweet day. I also loved the breakfast/brunch food we enjoyed and the mimosas and Caesars that were drank!
C – Chore You Hate: Cleaning the bathrooms
D – Drink of Choice: This depends so much on time of day & if I’m eating anything. Sweet tea, diet coke, lemonade, water, hot tea and coffee are all drank often.
E – Easiest Person to Talk to: My husband.
F – Favorite Color: Yellow!
G – Gent: William
H – Hobbies: I love to read and go on long walks. This year I am set on learning calligraphy and crochet.
I – Ice Cream Flavor of Choice: Lemon sorbet, Tillamook Cookie Dough or Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.
J – Job: I am an admin at the university.

K – Kindest Person You Know: I am so lucky for this list to be too long to narrow down because of the number of kind people in my life!
L – Loving: The spring-like weather we’ve been having!
M – Music: I love all sorts of music. During the day I mostly enjoy listening to singer-songwriter and folk-rock style music.
N – Nickname: Bear, SBG, BB
O – One Wish: To visit the countries of my ancestors. This includes Ireland, England, Croatia, Belgium, Poland and Austria/Italy (His papers say Italy, but we’ve always been told he was from Austria). I also want to visit the countries of my husband’s ancestors!
P – Person You Talked to on the Phone Last: William.
Q – Question You’re Always Asked: What kind of dog is Mavis?
R – Reason to Smile:  My sweet little family!
S – Season of Choice: Autumn. I love all four for their own reasons, but I really love autumn!
T – Time You Woke up: I wake up around 6 every day. Sometimes I hit snooze and sometimes I pop right out of bed.
U – University: I’m a graduate of the University of Montana.
V – Vacation Destination: Favorite past vacation was Bari, Italy with my husband or Hawaii with my family. Dream vacation destinations right now are Iceland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Croatia.
W – Worst Habit: Laziness.
X – XRays:  Just my teeth!
Y – Your Favorite Food: This is tough! Sushi or barbecue are always a safe bet, but I also love fresh fruits and veggies!
Z – Zoo Animal: Elephants!

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