Let’s Talk: William



Where do I even begin to talk about my husband? I am so grateful that I get to fall asleep with him every night and wake up beside him every morning. I love when we carpool to work and that extra time we get together during the day. I love how he loves and cares for our crazy dog and how they could play fetch for hours. I love when he cooks supper because his food always tastes so good. I love that he mows the lawn and vacuums the house – each room needs vacuumed multiple times because of how much Mavis sheds! I love his hugs and his sense of humor and how he helps keep me abreast of current events that I’m always couple days behind on. I love his encouragement of me and that he is always quick to cheer me up. I love his heart for travel and trying new things. Truly, there is so much I love about the man I get to do life with.

I met William when I was freshman in high school doing the lighting for our school’s production of Godspell. He was a senior in the show and his character Judas started the show coming out of the tech booth. I thought he was really cute and loved listening to him sing. Fast-forward to the invention of social media sites and we reconnected and stayed in touch. When he accepted his job west of the Mississippi we started talking back and forth more frequently and then in May 2014 we took that talking to everyday constantly in touch and then life happened very quickly thereafter with us spending every other weekend back and forth between Colorado and Idaho falling in love and creating a life together. In October of 2014 we took a trip to Jackson, Wyoming and during that time in Grand Tetons National Park I knew for certain that William was who I wanted to spend every day with and that I could not wait to be able to move to Idaho and start daily adventures together. In December I met his family and in February he proposed in Central Park. I moved in March and we celebrated our wedding in October.

It still feels surreal sometimes how seamlessly it all fell together and how easy it is to love William. I know I say it often, but I mean it every time, I feel so unbelievably happy and grateful for William and all he brings to my life. I love him with all my heart and soul and look forward to every day we get to spend together on this crazy adventure.



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