colors // yellow & crimson, but not together.

food // sushi.

verse & book in The Bible // micah 6:8 & james.

tv show // oh, this is difficult. i love downton abbey & big bang theory. i really enjoy life in pieces and i enjoy madam secretary quite a bit.

movie // mary poppins.

song// my favorite as a little girl was “she’s in love with the boy” by trisha yearwood, currently i think my favorite song would have to be adele’s “when we were young”.

artist// monet.

musician // adele.

hobby // reading or cooking.

season // autumn.

flower // hydrangeas, magnolias, peonies, baby roses, anemones, dahlias, tulips.

sweet // lemon cake.

book // to kill a mockingbird.

author // jk rowling or jane austen.

smell // freshly mowed grass, spring rain, old books, new books, lemon, honeysuckle, snow covered pine.

collection // my willow tree nativity.

holiday // thanksgiving.

blog topic // weekend or trip recaps.

breakfast// smoothies or oatmeal or egg muffins.

lunch // leftovers from the night before or salad.

supper // anything from the grill or pad thai.

item to bake // pumpkin cake.

item to cook // roasted veggies and pan-fired pork chops.

What are your favorites?


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