10 Things I Like About Myself


Some days are challenging and make you feel like everything is going wrong, so I think it is important to recognize traits you like about yourself or what you do well to help restore your self-confidence.

  1. I really like my handwriting. I have gotten compliments on it my whole life and there is nothing more enjoyable to me than neatly writing a card, sign or list.
  2. I like my empathetic soul. It is so easy for me to relate to what someone is feeling and find ways to connect with them that I think this quality leads to deep relationships with friends and family and will be invaluable to me in my future as a counselor.
  3. I like my thirst for knowledge. I am constantly reading articles and books or watching documentaries and listening to podcasts to learn something new or dive deeper on something that interests me.
  4. I like my loyalty. Once someone is my true friend, they’re a friend for life. We could go days, weeks, months or years without speaking, but if they ever needed me, I would be there. Having friends who you trust with anything was a challenge to find growing up and moving as often as we did, but those true friends, they’re friends forever.
  5. I like my laugh. It constantly changes depending on why I’m laughing. Am I being tickled? Did someone share a silly story? Did something outrageous happen on the TV? Did Mavis Jane do something absurd again? I love that my laugh is expressive and uninhibited and full of joy.
  6. I like my eyes. In 6th grade science class one of my friends described my eyes as the color of fizzy root beer for a project we were doing and that description has stuck.
  7. I like that I can cook and provide a tasty, healthy meal for myself and my loved ones. Cooking is something that I enjoy, but I really enjoy bringing others joy and good food and conversation are two of my favorite ways to share joy.
  8. I like my thoughtfulness. I try to pay attention to details people share or things they mention is passing. It can provide great gift ideas when the occasion happens, Β but it can also just mean a lot to a person that you remember their interests and ask about them in a new way in the future.
  9. I like my ability to find the good in every day. Some days aren’t as great as others, but it is really important to me to find the highs of each day and celebrate those little moments to help me get through the next set of tough moments.
  10. I like my faith. Spending time in prayer every day is something that is really important to me, and though it may not look the same every day, it is always part of my day. It helps me feel grounded and I love that the Catholic beliefs I hold are the same beliefs that generations of my family before me were practicing, that worship is done in similar fashion around the globe and throughout history. I love the rhythms and traditions that connect us all.

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