What Am I Listening To?

I have been on a big podcast kick lately as they keep me entertained and informed while at work or taking a bubble bath at night. I thought I would share my favorites with you today.

Even though i have been waiting to watch the final season of Downton Abbey, I have been listening to the MasterPiece Studio. I have loved all of the interviews and insight into one of my favorite shows!

I also love listening to The Disney Story Origins podcast, While there hasn’t been a new episode since October, they are really interesting to me as a lover of fairy tales. As a kid, I read a lot of the “original” fairy tales that I now realize were doctored to make them a little more kid friendly than they were initially written.

Stuff You Missed in History Class is really interesting as someone who loves history and learning new stories. Each episode has been intriguing and I love feeling like I am learning something new. I also really enjoy their style of storytelling!

Other podcasts I have been listening to lately are:

What are your favorite podcasts?




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