What Am I Good At?

I have been in a very self-reflective mood lately, as evidenced by my blog post on Tuesday when I wrote about things I like about myself. Today I thought I would look at five things I am good at.

  1. This may be cheating because I also mentioned it on Tuesday, but I am good at writing. I am classifying this in two parts – I have nice penmanship and enjoy handwriting lists, cards, etc., but I also feel that I am strong writer and have an itch to start writing more creatively and more technically to stretch my abilities. I have gotten lazy in just writing for this blog space and emails for work and want to push myself as I know I will be going back to school to complete my graduate degree in a few years and want to feel as strongly about my writing abilities in that environment as I have in the past.
  2. I am a great listener. I love hearing people share their stories or tell me about their day, and I feel that my ability to listen to what someone is sharing and ask questions to learn more or accurately summarize what they told me will be a valuable skill as I work towards becoming a counselor. I also feel this trait makes me a good friend.
  3. I am a good cook. I am not a chef by any means, but I can make delicious, healthy and filling meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can both follow a recipe and experiment with new foods, ideas and flavors.
  4. I am a good mover. After years of watching and helping my mom pack up a house and then unpack and set one up, I have learned her mastery.  When we moved into our home last June I had the whole house unpacked and put together in a day. Granted, I waited to hang things on the wall, but I placed them under the walls where they would go, so I could visualize it and ensure that is where my vision was leading.
  5. I am good at self-care. This is something I had to teach myself to do a few years ago when I would not stop volunteering or over-scheduling my time so that I would burn out. Now, I take a bubble bath, binge-watch a show with my husband, light candles or pour myself a glass of wine of pot of tea to help me wind-down. Granted, now I relax more often than not and have let some household chores slip, but I also feel way calmer than I used to and look at sharing a bottle of wine or binge-watching a show together as bonding activities for my husband and I on some of these chilly winter days we’ve had. Now that it’s spring, I can’t wait to take my self-care outside on family walks and dining al fresco or enjoying a book in the sunshine.



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