Friday Favorites


Happy Friday sweet friends! This week was tough to get through with Daylight Savings throwing me off, but I am happy the weekend is here.

This new movie starring Meryl Streep looks adorable and I cannot wait to see it!

William tried a recipe for mustard & herb crusted chicken this week that was delicious that night and leftover for lunch!

It’s March Madness and I created a bracket of teams to cheer for – always a fun time and a good excuse to watch a lot of basketball! Who do you have in the final four?


William made some delicious buffalo style wings for us last weekend and I can’t wait for him to make them again. Easily the best wings I’ve ever had and I loved how inexpensive they were compared to going to Buffalo Wild Wings and they easily blew BWWs out of the water! All he used was Frank’s hot sauce, butter and brown sugar – so easy and then he both fried and broiled the wings.

What were your favorites this week?


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. I have yet to see someone with a perfect bracket still – I love all the chaos! Normally I pick Nova to win it all, but this year I went another route!


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