Get to Know Me

I saw Brittany from Life as the Mrs. answer these questions and I thought that it would make an easy and interesting blog post.

Makeup item? Mascara, lip balm and concealer. Specifically, Maybelline’s The Falsies, Burts Bees original and Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer.

Cocktail of choice? A margarita on the rocks or vodka cherry sour are classics. I’m also a big fan of mencia, Malbec, merlot, prosecco, champagne & caesars.

Vacation destination – repeat? I’d love to go back to Hawaii domestically and I’d enjoy going back to Italy to explore other regions of the country internationally.

Vacation destination – wanderlust? Lately I’m dreaming about Iceland, Croatia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Where did you go to college? The University of Montana – Go Griz!

How did you meet William? We met doing Godspell in high school. He was playing Judas and I was working in the tech booth doing lighting and sound with my friend Audra. We stayed in touch through social media and really reconnected when he moved west of the Mississippi!

Where are you from? Air Force Base USA! Really though. I was born in Minot and never lived anywhere longer than 3 school years – ND, VA, CO, AL, VA, ND, AL, CO, MT, CO/MT (when I graduated high school my family moved back to Colorado while I went to school in Montana), after college I moved to Colorado and last year I moved to Idaho!

Room in the house? My favorite room in our house in our family room/kitchen open concept that we have. We sp d the most amount of time here and it’s just so cozy and homey!

Off-day routine? I do laundry and some light cleaning. I try to sleep in a bit. I like to read or catch up on tv from the week. We make a bigger breakfast and always do a late lunch/early dinner. We try to play outside with Mavis. We’re just lazy homebodies and I love it – perfect way to decompress!

Can you cook? Yes I can and I really enjoy cooking too!

Flower type? I love dahlias, hydrangeas, anemones, magnolias, peonies, tulips & daffodils!

Activities? I love reading, I enjoy writing, hiking, cooking and trying new recipes. When I’m in the mood, cleaning is really therapeutic. I enjoy family walks and playing in the yard. I like watching sports – live and on tv. I enjoy organizing and decorating.


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