Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! On top of that, it is Good Friday – the day we celebrate Jesus’ death on the cross for the redemption of our sins and a day I have always loved for the somberness and beauty of what we are celebrating. That God would send His son to die to forgive our sins is such a beautiful thought and the cornerstone of my faith.

I love the song At The Cross by Chris Tomlin, especially on Good Friday, the day the cross’ significance became such a large part of our faith.

I also love Forever by Kari Jobe on Easter weekend. It is not only beautiful, but it wholly tells the story of Easter weekend from Good Friday and the somberness of Jesus saying “It is finished,” to the immense joy and celebration that is Easter – “His perfect love could not be overcome / Now death where is your sting? / Our resurrected King / Has rendered you defeated.”

We had landscaping begin to be put in this week and it has made such a difference to the curb appeal of our home already! Even though no plats have been put in yet, just cleaning the flowerbeds and changing the shape so they’re more flat instead of mounded just makes our home look so much better already!

We booked our tickets for our beach vacation last Friday – July cannot come quick enough to enjoy that sun and sand with William’s family!

There have been some really fun basketball games to watch! Never mind that my bracket is destroyed, it has been fun to watch these close, competitive games! I also love that Villanova is on to the elite eight – every year Nova and Pitt are the two teams I hope do well.

I am almost done with Me Before You and will be writing my full review of it soon, but it is so much better than I expected it to be and I have found myself laughing out loud at certain scenes.


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