What’s Up Wednesday


What we’re eating this week // Monday William made roast lamb and we had leftovers last night. Tonight I’m making bruschetta chicken, Thursday we’re doing blackened salmon, Friday we’re having breakfast tacos. Saturday we’re making homemade buffalo wings and Sunday we’re doing pumpkin and sage pasta.

What I’m reminiscing about // I moved to ย Idaho a year ago! This past year has been so full and witnessed so many great changes!

What I’m loving // The honeysuckle wall plug-ins in my office and house from Bath & Body Works.

What we’ve been up to // Trying new recipes, watching March Madness and William just had spring break last week.

What I’m working on // Tracing my ancestry back to learn what countries we immigrated from and how long each side of the family has been here. My mama’s mama is a first-generation American whose parents immigrated from Yugoslavia, or modern day Slovenia and Croatia. Her dad’s family has been here since the mid-1700s at least. My daddy’s dad is a second generation American, whose grandparents immigrated from Poland and Belgium. His mama’s family has been here since the 1700s. I find it so interesting that on each side of the family I have really recent stories of immigration, while also having family ties to this country’s infancy. I have a thirst to know so much more and to begin piecing the story of our family history together.

What I’m excited about // The warm weather coming this way soon and all the upcoming time with family this summer.

What I’m watching // We’re watching season two of DareDevil right now. I am bummed that Fixer Upper ended last night until this fall. We’re going to start season three of Black Sails soon and Billions is almost over too.

What I’m reading // I finished reading Me Before You last week and am currently reading

What I’m listening to // I’ve been listening to many of the episode from Disney Story Origins podcast while at work this week.

What I’m wearing // With all the rain & snow we’ve had this week, I’m wearing lots of dresses, boots and tights – my winter uniform!

What I’m doing this weekend // Watching Final Four basketball with William, enjoying the 60 degree sunshine in our backyard, maybe going for a family walk or two and hopefully finishing season two of DareDevil.

What I’m looking forward to the next month // April should be full of time outside and warmer weather, so that will be a welcome reprieve after a long winter.





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