Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! This week was rough as is always the case for the week after spring break it seems. Next week will be a better blogging week hopefully!

I have been listening to This I Believe covered by various artists on repeat all week. It’s a rediscovered love!

The lamb roast William made on Monday was so delicious and gave us each three meals which made this week seem to fly by on the meal preparation side!

I have really been enjoying the espresso machine William bought for my birthday and I’m excited that it’s the weekend, so I have time to play and make some tasty coffee for us!

I’ve really enjoyed my mid-morning snack this week of Pirate’s Booty – it’s perfect for that salty kick I tend to crave at 10 a.m.!

I have enjoyed digging into my geneaology during free time this week. Its a subject that has always interested me and I’m excited to be back in a groove with it again. My favorite discovery this week is that my Grammy’s dad was from modern day Slovenia – we found his draft card for World War II and it listed him as from Cepno, Yugoslavia! I grew up believing he was Austrian, and then last year we found a census that said he was Italian, so it’s been a process of where he was from since neither he nor his wife shared much about their lives before coming to America with my Grammy and there aren’t many documents out there on them. But I love that I know he was from Slovenia and his wife from Croatia – it gives me new places I want to explore and visit with my husband to connect to the people whose DNA I share! I also love that on both of my parent’s sides of the family, one grandparents’ family has been in the United States sine the 1700s and the other are recent immigrants – I think that is so cool! My mom’s mom is a first-generation American, born here in the U.S. to parents from Slovenia and Croatia and my dad’s dad is a second-generation American, whose grandparents all immigrated from Poland and Belgium. I love learning about these people, their lives, where they came from, the foods they ate and seeing these names as fully developed people who I am related to.

What have you bee loving this week?


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