Social Media

I have always loved social media. It’s a great way to build community, keep in touch with friends and family around the world, interact with companies and keep abreast of breaking news.

This week I have realized I am kind of over it. I love the pretty pictures on Instagram. I love the ability to see my cousins and friends on Facebook. I have been a Youtube fan since college when all of the channels I enjoy were in their infancy. Snapchat makes me laugh – especially when my sister-in-law plays with the variety of available filters. Twitter has always been my favorite – so many conversations happening, news breaking, more brand interaction.

Lately though it has all become overwhelming. It feels like there is so much negativity and drama being shared on social media that honestly should be shared in real conversations between people. It’s like social media has become a “safe space” for expressing anger and rage and attacking people and their character instead of using it for the positive community building I feel it started as. It drains me.

The good news is that these feelings are making me spend less time on social media. It makes me want to read more and focus more intentionally on the people I see every day instead of keeping up with people I haven’t talked to for years. Yes, I love seeing my friends’ families and the trips they’re taking around the world, but I don’t like the overall tone of these spaces anymore.

Twitter and Instagram are two I know I will keep using regularly, at least for now. Facebook is a place I have been spending less and less time. I have stopped following many of the Youtube channels I used to watch regularly, and instead really only watch the clips from late night TV interviews that are on long after I have fallen asleep.

Maybe it is growing up and realizing I truly don’t care about the same things I used to care so passionately about. Maybe it is the ugly that is brought out by this current election cycle. Maybe it is the insensitivity and lack of compassion I see to global and community events. I don’t know why I feel such an intense disgust and distrust for social media right now, but what I do know that I am planning to take a social media break. I am deleting everything but Twitter and Instagram from my phone and logging out of all platforms on my computer.

How do you feel about social media right now?


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