First Comes Love: A Book Review

I received this book through my relationship with NetGalley and devoured it in a 3 hour plane ride. I was enthralled with the characters and their stories and highly recommend checking out First Comes Love as a summer pool read.

I decided to follow the book review style from Mr. Thomas and Me’s Collaboreads.


I loved the dynamic of exploring the strained relationship between Josie and Mere. I liked Josie more throughout the book, but I also felt for Mere who seemed to have made some life choices based on what she felt other people wanted from her, instead of making those choices because she felt they were the right ones. Josie is in the midst of making some big life choices herself and I found myself cheering her on and wanting to be her friend. I don’t know that I would want to be Mere’s friend, so much as an acquaintance…


I found the two sisters extremely relatable. They were flawed and reminded me of people I know in real life. I also think the way each of them handled the loss of their brother and the new revelations that occur in the book in honest ways where your heart breaks for them and you find yourself wanting to reach through the pages and hug these women.

One of the plot twists is easy to see coming from the beginning, while others are more slowly revealed. The story moved at a good pace and was difficult to set down – its why I read the book in under three hours. The revelations in the book for each character make sense for their individual journey and were twists and turns that felt real and honest.


I haven’t read one quite like this; parts of the book reminded me of Jodi Piccoult books or of Lauren Weisberger. Obviously, the book carries the same writing style and voice of Emily Giffin.

The sister dynamic in this book reminded me a bit of the movie In Her Shoes with how they each seemed to want a piece of what the other wanted; one sister was more of an outward “mess” while the other was trying to be the “perfect” one. Its the story of sister tension and how their relationship experiences highs and lows, but how the ties of family continue to bring them together again.


I liked the simplicity of the cover and the sweetness it conveyed. While I read the book on my Kindle and did not see the cover often, the combination of the cover, description and author led to my requesting the book through NetGalley.

In the book you understand the significance of the bird and the birdhouse and it something sweet and not expected from the rest of the story.


I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this novel and would recommend it to all of my friends and family that are interested. It would be the perfect beach or pool read for the summer or to curl up with on a rainy afternoon.

Have you read First Comes Love? What did you think of the book?


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