Friday Favorites


Happy Friday sweet friends! Did this week fly by for you too? Between traveling back to Idaho on Monday and a busy week at work, I am looking forward to a low-key weekend at home.

  1. Having Mavis back again after boarding her for the weekend – there is nothing better than puppy snuggles and the way your dog looks at you.
  2. This week’s Nashville was so good! I mean, Elton John guest starred and sang with Gunnar. It was awesome! I am sad the show is cancelled after this season – yes, it can be very much like a soap opera, and I assume it is an expensive show to produce with the various royalty fees and copyrights associated with the show, the guest stars they bring on , and other factors. Oh well, I love it and will miss it next year.
  3. Josh Peck’s Thong Song on Lip Sync Battle was hilarious! I love how he and Christian Milian both opened with Justin Bieber songs before doing songs from 1999. 
  4. Work being so quiet. Right now it’s just staff, summer clinic students and our chair. I have been so productive without all the interruptions!

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