Make It Happen

I am a big fan of Lara Casey and what she has created through Make It Happen. I love reading what other people’s responses are to the following questions and seeing how people utilize their Powersheets.  While I do not have Powersheets, it is something I want to get for 2018. 2017 has some big things in the works already, and hopefully when 2018 starts I’ll be back in graduate school, so I see this a valuable tool to help me prioritize and capture what I want to happen that year with my family, work and school (hopefully!).

What fires me up?

Travel. Trying new foods and recipes. Connecting with someone on a soul level. Jumping in to help where needed. Organizing chaos. A clean home. A book that stays with you when you’re done. Executing an event or campaign well.

What fires me up changes constantly based on the season of life I’m experiencing or what I’m thinking about at the time. So if you were to ask me what fires me up tomorrow, next week, next month or next year, this list may be completely different.

What do you value the most?

I value time with family and close friends. I value conversations full of passion about the topic at hand. I value time at home with my husband and dog. I value time spent in the yard reading a good book, playing with our dog or eating a tasty meal. I value simple moments with the people dearest to my heart.


What is your word for this year? How have you implemented this word into your life so far this year?


I am trying to focus on learning new recipes, reading good books, spending time with my husband and family, and enjoying the outdoor living near us. I am finding ways to nourish my body through food and exercise; nourish my faith with devotions and diving deeper into scripture; nourishing my relationships with my husband and family; nourishing my brain through reading and just trying to focus on the things that fuel me.

What are you saying yes to this year?

I am saying yes to fun experiences – whether that is a weekend in Boise with friends, a long-weekend trip to Colorado to see my family or a quick weekend to experience my first Alabama football game, I am saying yes to experiences with people I love.

And, what are you saying no to this year?

I am saying no to anything that can be eliminated from life. If I start a book I am not enjoying, I do not have to finish it. If a recipe fails, there is no need to make it again. If I need to cut a hike short, I won’t feel bad for listening to my body.

Where do you want to be when you’re 80?

I want to be able to look back on a life lived well and see a visible impact that I made on my community and family.



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