Spring Favorites

I saw Victoria answer these questions a few weeks ago about winter and thought it would be a fun way to look back on spring and become a seasonal reflection.

Favorite Book: First Comes Love by Emily Giffin. It was SO good!

Favorite Opportunity: I am excited to be going to Boise this weekend!

Favorite Personal Moment: I loved seeing Bryant & Nicole get married! Celebrating love is definitely a favorite.
Favorite TV Show: I want to say Nashville since the series finale was last night, but my favorite show of Spring has easily been Game of Thrones since it came back!

Favorite Recipe: I love making the tapioca tortillas from our Against the Grain cookbook.

Favorite Movie: Deadpool was hilarious and I really enjoyed seeing Captain America: Civil War in theaters.

Favorite Dessert: I made some tasty sugar cookies last weekend that William and I really enjoyed.

Favorite Restaurant: I tried a new Caribbean pizza from McKenzie River that was really good!

Favorite Skincare Product: Neutrogena face lotion

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