Friday Favorites


Have you seen the new Finding Dory trailer? They go to an aquarium! I am so excited for this movie. I loved Finding Nemo and have high hopes for Finding Dory.

Another movie trailer that released this week is for Beauty and the Beast due out in March. I am very excited for it. The cast looks amazing and from the trailer, it feels like my favorite animated film come to life in a true manner. Can’t wait for that either – may be a month-late birthday date!

The Bachelorette is back. I texted my two girls I used to watch with in Colorado and we were sharing our thoughts on the initial episode and making predictions for who would be the final man standing. This year I made my bracket based solely on the contestants’ names before watching the episode. Based on names alone, my final two are Jordan and Wells with Jordan “winning”…

I love how late the sun is staying out now that summer is approaching, though it is throwing my perceptions of time completely off!

I am excited for a weekend in Boise with William and some of our friends.

What are your favorites this week?


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