Favorite Movies: 1990s Edition

I thought it would be fun to take each year of a decade and show you my favorite movie from that year. My favorites from the 2010s and 2000s are here.

1990: Pretty Woman – I still remember the first time my mama and I watched this movie together when I was in high school and how much it made me laugh that so many of the supporting characters were also in the cast of The Princess Diaries. I also loved Julia Roberts’ laugh!


1991: Beauty and the Beast – One of my very favorite movies ever. Period. I will never get sick of this story, how much I adore Belle and how the soundtrack on this movie brings me so much peace.


1992: Aladdin – I also absolutely adore Aladdin. For my 5th birthday my parents took me to Disney World and we had breakfast with the characters from Aladdin. Jafar terrified me with his long fingers and the height he had with his turban too!


1993: The Sandlot – My husband I recently watched this on Netflix. Talk about a movie that I just smile through start to finish. I relate to Smalls in being the new kid and trying to make friends. I love how friendly the monster ends up being. I love the lesson of the power of friendship and a moment in time changing your life forever. I just love this movie!


1994: The Lion King – I loved the Lion King as a kid; it was the first movie my sister saw in theaters. I loved it even more in college when it became our sorority family movie since we were the Lion Family.


1995: Toy Story – Still such a magical concept for me as an adult. I love the imagination in this movie and how it still gives me all the feelings 20 years later!


1996: Space Jam – I always laugh watching this! One of my good friends at the time LOVED this movie, so we watched it a lot.


1997: Life Is Beautiful – I first watched this movie sophomore year of high school while taking world lit. We had to each select a foreign film and write a paper about it; this is the film my teacher selected for me and I sobbed through the whole thing. If you have not seen it, please watch it!


1998: You’ve Got Mail – Such a feel-good movie that also encourages the book-loving heart in me, and an interesting look at a world that seems so long ago, but also like yesterday with the technology and move towards Amazon as the largest book-retailer!


1999: October Sky – My family loves this movie! I love movies that encourage passion about science and exploration, and growing up that daughter of a man who worked with space and missiles, the love for this movie is deep.


What are your favorite 90s movies?


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