Friday Favorites


Another week is over – I love how quickly four day weeks fly by!

William found burrata at Trader Joes last weekend and we really enjoyed being transported back to our trip to Bari last summer through that tasty cheese!

William made a delicious supper with more Trader Joes finds on Tuesday – soy chorizo, halloumi and salsa verde tacos on corn tortillas with a side of jasmine rice. It was so satisfying and made us realize we need to make different kinds of tacos more often – we love them!

The local radio stations areย playing Dan + Shay’s From the Ground Up all the time since its wedding season and it just makes me happy. The lyrics are so sweet and I enjoy it every time I hear it.

At the Capitol City Farmer’s Market last weekend we met a vendor selling different types of ciders and I can’t wait to enjoy the apricot-sage flavor I bought this weekend!

I am also loving OPI’s Passion nail polish – this is the second week straight that I have painted my nails this very sheer pale pink and I foresee many weeks this summer sporting this shade.

Another recipe, but I made the Pioneer Woman’s Chickpea Curry last night & it was SO good! It was easy, delicious & perfectly hit the craving for a new use of our chickpeas!

What did you love this week?


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