2016 Goals Update

Wow! We are halfway through 2016 and the days continue to fly by! I thought now would be a good time to reflect on which goals I have met, which are still possible for the year, and which goals may need to be adjusted…

  1. Read through the Bible. Honestly, I am nowhere close to this. I started off well in January and it fell by the wayside. I can definitely get this done this year though – it is something I have never done to read the Bible cover to cover and something I have been wanting to accomplish for years.
  2. Go skiing! Yes! We did this with some friends in February!
  3. Lose 60 pounds. I am slowly working on this…
  4. Read/Complete 52 books. I have read 7 so far… not great progress, but I am hoping that a two week vacation will help me knock some more off the list, along with the Summer Reading Challenge I’m participating in.
  5. Make all family recipes from my shower. We’ve made a few, but not many. I need to be more diligent about this as we cook often, just not many desserts, which are a lot of what was selected!
  6. Complete couch to 5k and couch to 10k. Now that it is summer, I am going to try and make this happen!
  7. Watch 12 documentaries. I have watched two so far, but have begun having them play in the background at work to provide some background noise now that it is so quiet with students and faculty being gone until August! I hope to have this knocked off by the time August rolls around!
  8. Take William on 12 fun dates. I have failed pretty miserably at this – we just both enjoy our time at home with our silly dog! I want to try and plan more hikes or even local day adventures that we can do to hopefully go on these 12 dates this summer!
  9. Learn Spanish. I have been putzing around with Duolingo, but haven’t been taking this goal as seriously as I should have been…
  10. Learn to crochet. Another goal I have yet to start anything on… maybe my mama can show me a bit when she visits for a weekend in June!
  11. Learn calligraphy. I have been practicing a bit, but hope to do this more this month and throughout the summer so that I can do fun calligraphy on our Christmas cards this year!
  12. Visit somewhere new. When we went skiing it was to a part of Idaho we had never visited previously.

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