Stranded with Netflix Series


Okay, first, I love that this island we’re stranded on has Netflix access!

Choosing just three shows to have access to through Netflix is tough because there are so many I would want to watch, but I settled on three shows with multiple seasons that I could watch and love over and over. Although my two favorite watch over and over shows are not on Netflix!

Gilmore Girls. Of course. I adore this show and it takes me on the full range of emotions and there are plenty of seasons available, with the new four episode mini-season coming later this year. The whole cast of characters feel like dear friends that I would enjoy spending time with.


The Tudors. I have watched this show through 3 or 4 times and I just really enjoy it. I think a large reason is the casting is just fun and I love period dramas, and then you take the fascinating story that is the Tudor court and the many wives of Henry VIII, and you have a recipe for a guilty pleasure show!

THE TUDORS - Season 4

Parenthood. I adored this show while it was on and still feel that the series finale is the most perfect hour of television I have ever watched. The Bravermans make you want to join their family with all of the love, humor and friendship they have for each other.


What shows on Netflix would you bring with?


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