Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends!

I grew up loving Broadway and had big dreams as a young girl of someday being on Broadway. While that sweet childhood ambition will never happen, I still really enjoy theater! I loved being able to see my first Broadway show in February 2015 and look forward every year to the Tony awards. So, when my favorite late night host, James Corden, was announced as the host for this year’s Tony awards I was really excited and I loved this week’s carpool karaoke leading up to Sunday’s event.

My best friend Laura works in fashion in New York and sent me these adorable shoes last week that I’ve been rocking this week.


Last weekend we deep cleaned our grill to begin the summer season and I have been loving all of our different marinades on the chicken – this one was one of my favorite Pinterest finds from the blog Plain Chicken!


I also enjoyed an apricot sage cider we bought in Boise a few weekends back at a barbecue with friends on Sunday and I have enjoyed the ready-made margarita you can buy from Costco – poured over crushed ice it completely satisfies my love for margaritas at home.

What have you loved this week?


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