Monday Thoughts

My brain is spinning with deeper thoughts I want to devote longer posts to, but can’t seem to find all of the words I want to say. So, I’m going to address them briefly here and potentially revisit these ideas later. This post may be all over the place and may not have a clear ending thought, but I want to express where my brain is at this moment.

First, I am still heartbroken over what occurred in Orlando this weekend. This world is full of so much hate and rage that mass shootings have become a regular event in this country. What causes someone to have such a violent hate towards someone or a group of people to cause them to act out that violent rage through murder?

Second, why is our country rallying around hate speech from presidential candidates? It’s like we as a country have become callous to the power of language and think it’s funny to belittle someone because of their beliefs or ethnicity or gender or education or whatever other hate filled slur is being used today.

Third, why are people still treating sexual assault so callously? Thinking that if a woman drinks too much or is dressed a certain way she is asking for it? Why is it still unsafe to have a vagina in this country?

What happened to kindness? What happened to loving your neighbor as yourself or doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?

This week has been tough y’all. I mean, really life just continues to be tough to process and understand the world we live in from the hurt and pain society is trying to work through. 2016 has had some terrible national conversations occur and this year’s election cycle just seems to be exasperating these tough conversations.

I don’t have the answers. In fact, I have more questions than I have answers. What I do have is empathy and a desire to make a difference.

What these experiences have made abundantly clear for me is that I want to be a school counselor. I want to help our youth process this world we live in, and learn how to talk about and talk through these tough conversations with intelligence and insight and compassion. I want to help a generation grow up in love and kindness instead of hate.

I want to be able to return to a time, or perhaps progress to a time, that people can disagree with one another about anything and still have a respectful conversation and open ears to really hear what that person is saying. I want people to be able to be friends with people they disagree with. I want people to realize that while we’re each entitled to our own viewpoints, that does not give us the right to forceably push that viewpoint on someone else. I want people to realize that their college education is a privilege and that they have to work for the degree and not expect that they are simply paying for an A.

But at the heart of it all, at the heart of all this frustration I am feeling for our country, I just want people to be kind. I want people to embrace the message of Cinderella to “have courage and be kind.” I want people to embrace the message of Tim McGraw’s latest song, “always stay humble and kind.” I want a world of kindness. Maybe it’s a dream, but I believe it is an actionable dream.

Kindness matters.


2 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts

  1. I 100% agree with everything you’ve said! I am so heartbroken with the state of this country. I can’t understand why there is so much hate, and how someone could possibly hate a group (or even a single person) so much that they would commit a horrible violent act. Any kid who gets to have you as their school counselor some day will be extremely lucky!


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