3 Cities I Want to Visit

Today I thought I would share 3 of the many cities in the United States that I would like to visit. 

1. Boston. Even though my cousin spent four years living in Boston, I have never been. As a history lover, that breaks my heart. So much of our national story comes from the streets and people of Boston. I would love to catch a game at Fenway and explore all of the history this city has to offer!

2. Chicago. I have driven through Chicago while moving with my family over a decade ago, but that is the extent of my experience in this city. My husband loves Chicago, so I look forward to the day that he and I can explore the city together. I would love to go to Wrigley field and explore Navy Pier.  

3. San Francisco. My cousin (who used to live in Boston) lives in San Franscisco and I would love to visit him and explore the city that caught my attention back when I watched Full House. There is so much I want to explore in the Bay Area and I feel that Wesley would be a great tour guide. Of course I’d want to spend a day or two in Napa Valley too.

What three cities in the United States are you wanting to explore next?


4 thoughts on “3 Cities I Want to Visit

  1. I definitely want to visit Chicago and Boston! I’ve been to SF because my husband is from the suburbs of Oakland, but I want to do more exploring there!

    Topping my list right now are Austin, Savannah, Denver, and New Orleans, I think! (But then there’s more, like NYC, Charleston…)

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  2. I want to go to Hanover, NH. My husband went to college at Dartmouth and his stories make it sound so quaint. I also want to visit Seattle and maybe Zion National Park in Utah!

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