My Weekend

Does anyone else feel like this weekend went by much, much too quickly?

Friday night William and I caught the 5:10 showing of Finding Dory before a dinner date out. Finding Dory was so sweet! I actually think I liked it better than Finding Nemo and I love Finding Nemo! I don’t want to spoil it, but all of the new characters were great and Ed O’Neil as a septopus was wonderful casting! I had a tasty steak for supper and loved sitting on the restaurant’s patio and enjoying the perfect weather we’ve been having. After supper we went to Dick’s to find some things for our upcoming beach trip, but the inventory was dismal and disappointing, so we came home and ordered online. We did buy a soccer ball for Mavis though!

Saturday I did the grocery shopping before coming home and spending the day with Mavis & William. We spent a lot of time in our backyard or watching The US Open. We also watched The Good Dinosaur and it was adorable! The area of the worlds they used as inspiration looked like the area of the west we live in – Jackson, WY, Eastern Idaho, Western Montana… The animation was beautiful!

Sunday I gave William a Father’s Day card from Mavis – doggy dads are dads too! I also fixed us homemade Belgian waffles for breakfast and prepped the wings and fries for lunch. I also made a homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was a tasty Father’s Day food wise! We spent the day watching the US Open and cleaning the house before watching the Cavaliers win the NBA Finals. I never thought I’d cheer for a team from Ohio, but this series has converted me to a Cavs fan. I’ve never been a big NBA girl, so I had no allegiances one way or another. We also stayed up late to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones and holy! The Battle of the Bastards was intense!

How was your weekend? Have you seen Finding Dory yet?


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