Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! These weeks just seem to be FLYING by! Can you believe June is almost over?

Entertainment Tonight shared this one a cappella version of Can’t Stop The Feeling and I’ve enjoyed playing it in the mornings this week – such a happy song to start the day with!

My parents are coming up tonight! I’m really excited to see them; I haven’t seen them since the day after our wedding! I think we are planning to spend some time hiking and barbecuing with them; a very low-key easy weekend.

We saw Finding Dory a week ago & it was SO good! It was funny and sweet and everything you expect from a Disney-Pixar movie.Β I cried during parts and thought the message of family and the different meanings it has was sweet. I actually think Finding Dory was better than Finding Nemo!

The last week I have been playing Laguna Beach and The Hills in the background at work. No matter how long it has been since I last watched it, I love it. I am transported back to piling on top of each other on the date room couch in college and the laughs and gasps we all shared.

I created a beach music playlist on Google play that I have been enjoying listening to – it’s perfect summer music!

I have also been on the podcast train again this week. Can y’all tell that work is painfully quiet right now? My favorites this week have been Here to Make Friends, Stuff You Missed in History Class and The Simple Show.

I spent time this week organizing my husband’s office which was productive and enjoyable for me. I love projects like that where there is immediate gratification. I have all of his papers sorted and organized and his books arranged nicely. Next up is decorating the shelves and filling in those spaces. I love how his office is coming together!

Have you seen this video? It’s a Broadway stars recording of What the World Needs Now as a response/benefit for the LGBTQ population of Orlando. Seeing actors that I have admired for years all join together in such a beautiful way made my heart happy.

What have you been loving this week?


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