Oh, Delta…

So today was interesting…

My husband and I bought our tickets for this trip months ago on our favorite airline, Delta. We didn’t go on a honeymoon, so we treated ourselves to first class tickets for this trip. We checked in online the night before and everything was looking smooth when we left home for Salt Lake. 

We get to the airport just fine with hours to spare so we can relax before our flight. Except that we had been unknowingly downgraded when we arrived and there was NO apology or offer for a refund from Delta. Just a “well isn’t that bad luck!” Um, NO. We paid for first class. You can’t change that on a customer and hope they don’t notice until it’s too late. That is absolute shit customer service. So, our checkin agent Wes went to the back to try and fix it if he could; he didn’t sound very promising…

He comes back about 30 minutes later saying he was able to get us back in first class on a different flight that was actually supposed to leave earlier than ours, but was delayed. So, we’re thankful and expressing that to him when he tells us the seats aren’t together. They’re both aisle seats in rows 1 and 5. I politely asked if there was a way we could sit together, that this is essentially our honeymoon. He tells us to talk with the gate agent upstairs, Paul.

So, we go through security where I get stuck behind two gentlemen moving slower than molasses and William wizzes on through until he gets stopped for a full pat down. It takes me at least 20 minutes to move 15 feet to be able to go through the scanner. By this point I am just ticked. What should have been a peaceful, easy travel day is not going the way we planned.

So, we get through security and run through the terminals to our gate to talk with Paul. We also speak to a very sweet girl named Joy who tries to help, but ultimately can’t do anything. They tell us that first class passengers are very selective about where they sit. We look at them and say, we know. We bought first class tickets, together, for our honeymoon, and y’all downgraded our seats after we checked in, without telling us, and without any offer to fix it until we raised the issue and said that how we were being treated was not okay. 

So, here we sit, hoping someone will be willing to switch seats with one of us so we can enjoy this splurge together as our honeymoon of sorts. 

I know this is a complete first-world problem and I am grateful for the agents we worked with, Joy, Wes and Paul who tried to do all they could to fix what the computer screwed up, but this is still not okay. When you pay for something, you expect to receive it, and if you don’t, you get pissed. 

Especially when your husband is a researcher in customer service interactions.

P.S. Our bag is on a different flight because it was sent back before we caught the seat error… So, hopefully it arrives to Montgomery with our connection…


One thought on “Oh, Delta…

  1. Definitely send a note to Delta customer service or via Twitter! Maybe they will compensate you! Hope your honeymoon gets better sweet girl!! Enjoy your trip!


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