What’s Up Wednesday

What we’re eating this week… This is a weird week for us, with us leaving today for the time with my in-laws. Monday we enjoyed leftovers from when my parents were here over the weekend and Tuesday we picked up Thai food.

What I’m reminiscing about… About this time last year we were packing to head to Bari; it was my first time outside of North America and I loved being on the Adriatic Sea – especially knowing that my great-grandparents grew up near that body of water in modern day Croatia & Slovenia.

What I’m loving… I really enjoyed the short time with my parents over this past weekend – especially learning to knit!

What we’ve been up to… June was filled with lots of work and lazy family days of hanging out and enjoying time together watching the Stanley Cup (Go Pens!) and NBA Finals (Go Cavs!).

What I’m working on… The scarf I started this past weekend; it’s a long, cream, chunky scarf for my husband to stay warm!

What I’m excited about… Spending the Fourth of July on the beach; my last Independence Day at the beach was in 2010, and I think there are few better ways to celebrate than a day by the ocean!

What I’m watching/reading… I’ve loved Zootopia in June and saw Finding Dory in theaters. I also watched a lot of hockey and basketball and have been watching some of the Olympic qualifying events. Oh! And of course Game of Thrones – that finale though!

What I’m listening to… I’ve been enjoying the Chill Beach Music station on Google Play and the podcasts Here to Make Friends, A Cast of Kings and Invisibilia.

What I’m wearing… I’ve enjoyed wearing sandals and dresses most days; easy summer style at its finest!

What I’m doing this weekend… We’re getting together with two of my husband’s best friends and their spouses on Friday night before leaving for the beach on Saturday.

What I’m looking forward to next month… July will start with vacation so I’m excited for that! I’m also looking forward to finishing my first knitting project!


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