Thoughts This Election Season

So, initially I was planning to keep my opinions on this election cycle to myself, but there has been so much happening that I gave that up. If you follow me on Twitter, sorry for blowing up your feed!

Their are many people who have had more eloquent thoughts to share, and I know I will have more as we get closer to November 8, but for now, I thought I would share where I’m at.

This election is so incredibly divisive and it’s causing many people I know to choose to vote single-issue because neither candidate is ideal. I, myself, am looking more at the party platform as a whole, versus voting for a candidate.

There are both democrats and republicans who I would be much more apt to throw my support behind than the candidates we have in the general election, but these are the candidates we have been given. And of the candidates we have been given, my choice is clear.

I want a president who stands and speaks in love, not in hate.

I want a president who fights for the marginalized of society.

I want a president full of grit and grace as Meryl Streep described some strong women in our history tonight at the DNC.

I want a president who knows the value of the youngest generation and fights for their opportunities.

I want a president who speaks with kindness and humility, and who knows the power of empathy.

I want a president who lifts people up instead of tearing them down.

I want a president who seeks to build bridges instead of walls.

I want a president who has experience from grassroots campaigns to global policy and understands the delicate nature of international policy.

I want a president with a thick skin.

I want a president who knows the seriousness of the job they are assuming, who has a clear head, an even temper, and a strong cabinet.

I am a political fan of Tim Kaine and love his selection as the Vice President for Hillary Clinton. Selecting someone like him illustrates the quality of individuals President Clinton would select to fill the other roles in the cabinet and to me, that speaks volumes.

This election season has had so many moments that have broken my heart, but I am consciously choosing to find the highlights and messages of hope, strength and love in the midst of the fear and hatred.

While I may not agree with every tenant of the Democratic platform, I do take my call to “love your neighbor as yourself” seriously, and the Democratic platform best embodies that call to action this year.

For me, love will always trump hate.

For me, my decision is clear.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts This Election Season

  1. I’m a Democrat, so my choice is obviously pretty clear. (Well, except with all the jaded Sanders supporters who refuse to vote/will vote independent.) I don’t really get why so many people hate Hillary, but because of that, I haven’t voiced my opinion on social media at all because I know I would probably have to deal with arguing/trolling. So I admire you for posting your opinion!

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  2. My decision is clear too! I think Hillary has been a victim of some straight up misogyny over the past three to five years. The press is complicit in this, as is GOP rhetoric.

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    1. I completely agree! It’s refreshing to see the rhetoric beginning to change as we see who she is running against.


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